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Huggles Pamper Lounge Grooming Service

Huggles Pamper Lounge Grooming Service –

If you are reading this blog then you most likely know who we are and what we do? HugglePets is your local pet store located in Wolverhampton. We cater to your everyday animals and your not so everyday animals such as; snakes, spiders, chameleons, rabbits, dog, cat, fish, and birds. We are the pet store where you can buy animals from around the world and their peculiar foods to go with them, but now are offering a new service we believe will come in handy for our pet lovers. The service we are giving to you is a pet grooming service called ‘Huggles Pamper Lounge’.

What is Huggles Pamper Lounge?

Huggles Pamper Lounge is going to be your new local pet grooming service where you can bring family best friends to get the pamper treatment they truly deserve. The pet grooming service will be open to the public on Thursday 8 February 2018 and bookings can be taken from now.

How do I get there?

If you are already an in-store customer at HugglePets then you won’t have to travel any further at all! Huggles Pamper Lounge will be a service offered in our HugglePets store which allows convenience for customers that know the journey to our store. For those who are not familiar with our whereabouts then not to worry because here is our address; HugglePets Building, Cooper Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 2JL.

Is it just for dogs?

When people think of a grooming service they will naturally assume it is just a dog grooming service. We understand that the majority of pets being groomed are dogs but we are offering this service to all pet owners with a fluffy friend. If your Hamster has miraculously acquired a stain in its fur and turned their hair sticky but you’ve tried to bathe it and had no luck, well that’s where we step in and give the helping hand. You can call us on 01902 494860 to discuss your individual pet’s needs.

Can I buy products from the groomers?

Our pet grooming staff will use a range of different products to keep your pets clean and happy. The products can be bought in the HugglePets store within the grooming section and staff will be happy to advise on the best products for you.

How much does it cost?

Nail clipping – From £5 – £7 (either from £5 or between £5 – £7) (depending on size).

Bath & Blowdry – From £15  (depending on size).

Freshen up groom (Interim service) – From £15 (depending on size).

Bath & De-Shedding – From £25 (depending on size).

Full Groom – From £25 (depending on size).

All service above are available and all prices will depend on the size of the animals. If there are services you cannot see that you may want please contact us and we can help.

Is there free parking?

Huggles Pamper Lounge Grooming Service is situated in the HugglePets store with free parking available during opening hours.

How long will my appointment last?

Nail clipping – 10 minutes

Bath & Blow dry – 30 minutes

Freshen up groom (Interim service) – 1 hour

Bath & De-Shedding – 1 hour 30 minutes

Full Groom – 3 hours

These times are based on the average time to complete the treatments. They can change depending on how well your pet reacts to grooming.

How do I book an appointment?

To book appointments for Huggles Pamper Lounge Grooming Service you can call us on 01902 494860. Or you can come into the store and we can discuss your pets grooming history.

We hope this blog has answered any questions you may have if you have anymore visit our HugglePets Facebook page and ask away.

If you would like to check out the Pamper Lounge Facebook page just click here.

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