Ancol Acticat Small Cat Play Tunnel

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Ancol Acticat Small Cat Play Tunnel

Ancol Acticat Small Cat Play Tunnel –

Any cat lover who’s ever left a paper bag on the floor know its a sure way to get cats playing and pouncing.

This Cat Play Tunnel goes one better, because they’re extra durable and much nicer to leave around.

Crispy, crunchy, crinkle material sewn into the cat shadow print fabric for house of noisy, crackling fun.

The tunnel also has a fun toy attached for extra enjoyment!

Key Features:

  • Encourages play
  • Crispy, crunchy, crinkle material that cats love!
  • Hours of fun exercise
  • Collapsible design
  • Green colour
  • Fun toy also attached

Size: Small (50 cm / 20″ Length)       Colour: Green

The Ancol Acticat Range of furniture has then been carefully selected to provide fun, exercise and excitement.

Finest quality materials combining hard-wearing sisal matting for the scratching post, soft carpet for play and relaxation.

Impregnated with Catnip to also encourage your cat, the herb which cats find irresistible.

With a number of different colours and styles available so that the furniture blends into normal room settings.

Today, Ancol has over 2,000 different articles in the range and is rapidly growing!

The success of the company has always been based around honesty and integrity along with an appetite for new and exciting product development.

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Acticat Play Tunnel 500mm – MPN : 702400