Assorted Malawi Cichlid
Assorted Malawi Cichlid

Assorted Malawi Cichlid

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Assorted Malawi Cichlid

Assorted Malawi Cichlid –

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These assorted fish originate from the Lake Malawi, Africa. Malawi cichlids are known to be one of the most popular and commonly kept aquarium fish. They range from electric yellow, electric blue, zebra cobalt blue, blue dolphin and various other colours.

Temperament: These tropical fish are better housed with their own species. They are not compatible with fish of similar sizes as they are known to be territorial.  Groups of 10-15 would be suitable within your fish tank.  Rocky hides and landscapes  can reduce tension within the aquarium.

Optimum Size: Can reach around 25 cm

Lifespan: 5-10 years

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