Beaphar Calming Home Spray 125ml


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Beaphar Calming Home Spray 125ml

Beaphar Calming Home Spray 125ml –

Reduces problem behaviour in cats.

Formulated with soothing Valerian to promote natural relaxation and feelings of calm, helping cats to feel more settled in strange or stressful environments.

Designed for use around the home, it helps to prevent the symptoms of distress and unwanted behaviour, including scratching, constant meowing and spraying.

Particularly useful when cats need to travel, such as visits to the vet, or when cats are placed in unfamiliar environments.

It is also effective around the home to help with problem behaviour and reduce anxiety, nervous tension and excitability.

You can use during times of disruption, such as: introducing a new pet or family member, building renovations, moving house, or during fireworks & thunderstorms.

Key Features:

  • Reduces problem behaviour in cats
  • Also reduces anxiety, nervous tension & excitability
  • Formulated with soothing Valerian
  • Helps prevent symptoms of distress & unwanted behaviour
  • Particularly useful when cats need to travel

Contents: 125 ml

Just like us our pets can suffer from fear, nervousness, and anxiety.

Stressful situation can then result in problem behaviour and unnecessary upset for your pet.

To make sure your pets are as comfortable as possible during these stressful situations, we have developed an entire range to help keep your beloved friends calm.

How to use: Spray onto areas where you find your cat often. The spray will then spread a pleasant scent that will help your cat relax. Consult instructions before use.

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