Beaphar CaniComfort Dog Calming Diffuser Starter Kit
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Beaphar CaniComfort Dog Calming Diffuser Starter Kit


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Beaphar CaniComfort Dog Calming Diffuser Starter Kit

Beaphar CaniComfort Dog Calming Diffuser Starter Kit –

For dogs & puppies.

Uses pheromones, clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance. It also reduces general anxiety caused by everyday stresses around the home.

Simple and effective solution to barking, furniture destruction, urinary marking, excessive licking and scratching, or general feelings of anxiety.

Contains an easy-to-use plug-in diffuser and one refill.

Beaphar CaniComfort® contains a copy of the naturally produced Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which is instantly recognisable to dogs.

Naturally produced by the bitch when she nurses her puppies. Gives a continuous and reassuring message to let dogs know it’s a safe and calm area.

Incredibly valuable when bringing home a new dog. Helps them settle quickly into their new routine.

Place the easy-to-use plug in diffuser in any area of the house. Effective for up to 30 days with continual use before needing a refill.

Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use diffuser with refill
  • Contains pheromones
  • Promotes feelings of reassurance and safety
  • Calms without sedating
  • Lasts 30 days with continual use

Contents: 1 x plug and 1 x 48 ml refill (30 days)

Dogs are extremely intuitive animals, often sensing our stress and anxiety. So, if something is stressing or troubling you, you may find your dog is feeling uneasy as well.

Specific stressful situations, such as fireworks, travelling in the car or visiting the vets. New experiences, such as a new home or learning period, can also cause our dogs to feel unsettled.

Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us when something is troubling them or making them feel nervous or uncomfortable.

Instead, this discomfort is often displayed through destructive or problem behaviour.

Help restore the calm, stress-free atmosphere to your home!

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