Bestpets Hamster Food 15kg

Bestpets Hamster Food 15kg –

A complementary feed for hamsters.

This food mix helps maintain your hamster’s health and fitness providing a good source of protein, fibre, oil, vitamins and minerals.

Composition: Concentrated pellets, flaked peas, wheat, extruded biscuit, flaked beans, whole maize, whole oats, flaked maize, locust beans, peanuts, striped sunflower, soya oil.

Key Features:

  • Complementary diet plan to help maintain your hamster’s health & fitness
  • Bestpets hamster food also helps to keep your pet happy and healthy
  • Perfect complementary food mix to ensure your pet hamster gets a balanced and nutritious diet

Contents/Weight: 15 kg

You should make hamster food available each morning. The average hamster will need between 35-50g of mix per day.

Hamsters need a balance diet of food, fresh vegetables and hay daily. Fresh greens, vegetables and fruits such as carrots, apples, cauliflower and dandelion greens must be well washed prior to offering them.

Never offer food direct from the refrigerator

Feeding Guide: When introducing a new diet to your hamster it is essential to gradually change their diet over a set period. As a recommendation, you should then change your hamster’s diet over a period of 30 days.

A sudden change in diet can lead to a loss in appetite due to their sensitive digestive systems.

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