Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets 1.5kg


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Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets 1.5kg

Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets 1.5kg –

An all-in-one meal created especially for your pet rats’ needs as omnivores. Each delicious nugget contains the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The nuggets prevent selective feeding – unlike muesli-style foods where rats often pick out sweet bits and leave the rest, also leading to an imbalanced diet.

Provides a tasty, balanced, healthy diet with added minerals to help maintain beautiful coat colour. Prebiotics to also encourage friendly bacteria for a healthy digestion.

Linseed, to also help maintain a healthy coat.

Specifically set to promote the natural gnawing behaviour that is so vital for rats’ dental and emotional health.

Introduce to your rat by gradually mixing in the new food with the old over a period of 7-10 days until the new food completely replaces the old diet.

Always ensure fresh clean water is available for your rat.

Health and happiness of pets is our number one goal and our expert knowledge in animal nutrition helps us achieve this.

We believe in responsible pet ownership, supporting welfare and education as well as making healthy, nutritious and tasty pet food.

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BURGESS EXCEL RAT 1.5KG x 1 – MPN : 386963