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Fish ‘R’ Fun Floating Jellyfish Aquatic Ornament

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Fish ‘R’ Fun Floating Jellyfish Aquatic Ornament

Fish ‘R’ Fun Floating Jellyfish Aquatic Ornament –

Add an exotic twist to your aquarium with one of these Floating Jellyfish Ornaments by Fish ‘R’ Fun.

These look amazing in the aquarium and will have everyone fooled to think these are real Jellyfish!

This unique floating Jellyfish ornament from Fish R Fun will brighten up any aquarium and really bring it to life!

Once the Jellyfish ornament has air beneath it, it will float around the tank in a life-like way, mimicking the actions of a real Jellyfish!

The product comes with a suction cup and thread to stop the jellyfish moving all over the tank, so fish will be safe!

Look especially good under spot or blue lighting.
Can be anchored to the glass via a transparent cord and suction cup. Alternatively, you may choose to anchor it to the base of your aquarium by tying the cord around e.g. an ornament, stone or weighted plant.
  • It moves by water current inside the tank.
  • Harmless to all fish
  • Glows under the light of aquarium or fish tank
  • Looks very realistic.
  • Come in a round clear plastic tub.

Approximate Dimensions – 21 x 10 x 10cm

Colours available:

  • Blue – (FRF-540)

  • Orange – (FRF-541)

  • Clear – (FRF-542)

  • Pink – (FRF-543)

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