Ancol Floppet Duck With Squeaker – Dog Toy


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Ancol Floppet Duck With Squeaker – Dog Toy

Ancol Floppet Duck With Squeaker – Dog Toy –

A great addition to the popular floppet range.

Perfect for dogs to carry around and also has squeakers for added fun.

It’s a known fact that some dogs experience “Separation Anxiety” when their pack leaders are away. Comforter toys will hold your scent and help to comfort and reassure your dog whilst he or she is away.

The size is 51cm approximately.

  • This toy makes a crackling sound when the dog plays with it.
  • This dog toy may encourage exercise for your dog.
  • Soft and cuddly.
  • May be helpful for new puppies as they can use this toy to cuddle up to and also use it as a comfort mechanism.


All Ancol dog toys have been chosen for their quality and entertainment value. They offer fun for both dog and owner whilst also helping keep your dog fit and healthy.


Important: No dog toy is indestructible. Playing with toys should always be done under the pet owner’s supervision. If the toy becomes torn or damaged, replace immediately.

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Floppet Duck With Squeaker – MPN : 991162

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