Ghost Glass Catfish

Ghost Glass Catfish

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Glass Catfish

Glass Catfish –

Vital information:

Temperature – 24-26c

Max Size – 10cm

ph – 7- 7.5

Water Requirements: non-critical

The Glass Cat is a unique fish that offers fish-keepers an incomparable view of its internal organs. Thanks to its low-pigment and almost clear body, the Ghost Glass Cat is like a living skeleton whose organs, including its swim bladder and vertebral column, are visible.

Ghost or glass-like in appearance, the Ghost Glass Cat loves a low light condition and is most active during dawn and dusk. As a true schooling fish, it needs other Ghost Glass Cats in the aquarium in order to survive and thrive.

You should keep them in groups of five or more to stay healthy and happy. If you do not keep them in groups, they will often go into a state of stress, stop eating, and waste away. It does not like a lot of light and in bright aquariums, it will usually hide from the light. However, they will come into the open and swim around in darkness or low light conditions. You should keep them in aquariums with plenty of rocky coves and hiding places, as well as dense, live vegetation.

It is extremely rare and difficult to breed Ghost Glass Cats in captivity. No techniques have been discovered to breed them in an aquarium. It is generally believed that Glass Catfish lay and scatter their eggs.


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