King British Methylene Blue 100ml

King British Methylene Blue 100ml –

A longstanding treatment for aquaria, also used by generations of fish keepers.

It is effective against a range of fungal & bacterial infections. For use in coldwater & tropical aquariums.

One 100ml bottle will treat up to 900 litres of tank water.

  • For use in coldwater and tropical aquariums
  • Anti-fungal agent
  • Antiseptic healing properties
  • Effective against parasites, also including flukes
  • Rapid aid to respiration problems

Size – 100ml


  • Carefully calculate the volume of water to be treated. Also make adequate allowance for the displacement of water by gravel, rocks & equipment.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Add 1ml of Methylene Blue for every 9 litres (2 gals) of water. Alternatively, add 1 capful (4ml) of Methylene Blue for every 36 litres (8 gals) of water.
  • Continue filtration during treatment but remove filter carbon.
  • Repeat treatment every 4 days while symptoms persist.
  • A 10% water change is also recommended after the problem has been terminated.
  • Renew filter carbon.
  • If using directly on wounds, dab undiluted Methylene Blue on damaged areas. Use a cotton bud as a swab.

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