Laguna Pond Clear Flo UV Pond Filter & Pump Kit


Laguna Pond Clear Flo UV Pond Filter & Pump Kit

Laguna Pond Clear Flo UV Pond Filter & Pump Kit –

For the ultimate combination in performance.

Laguna has combined the industry-leading Laguna Max-Flo Solids Handling Waterfall & Filter Pump and the extremely hard-working and effective Pressure Flo Pond Filter System to then create The Clear Flo Pond Kit.

This powerful water gardening duo will ensure continuous and efficient water circulation and stunning water clarity in the pond.

Each item featuring the patented Click-Fit coupling design that also allows you to make quick and secure attachments by a simple clicking action.

Clear-Flo models available:

  • 3000 – Suitable for ponds up to 3000 L
  • 6000 – Suitable for ponds up to 6000 L
  • 10000 – Suitable for ponds up to 10000 L
  • 14000 – Suitable for ponds up to 14000 L

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Clear Flo Pond Kits are available in 4 sizes to meet your specific water gardening needs. Clear-Flo Kits also covered by a 3-year warranty.

A variety of items are required to start building your own pond. From pond liners, preformed ponds and lily basins to a vast selection of pond accessories, there is so much to choose from.

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3000 Clear Flo Kit – MPN : PT1730 ,
6000 Clear Flo Kit – MPN : PT1731 ,
10000 Clear Flo Kit – MPN : PT1732 ,
14000 Clear Flo Kit – MPN : PT1733

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3000 Clear Flo Kit, 6000 Clear Flo Kit, 10000 Clear Flo Kit, 14000 Clear Flo Kit