Marina iGlo 360 Aquarium Kit 10L

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Marina iGlo 360 Aquarium Kit 10L

Marina iGlo 360 Aquarium Kit 10L –

Fully equipped 10L Aquarium Kit offers unobstructed 360° viewing, with remote-controlled blue + white LED lighting.

It also includes iGLO plants and galaxy gravel to immerse your underwater world in vivid fluorescence.

An easy access filter with quick-change media cartridges also makes this aquarium simple to maintain and keeps it looking its best.

Key Features:

  • 360° unobstructed viewing
  • Blue + white LED lighting
  • Includes remote control
  • Quick & easy maintenance
  • Removable cover with easy filter access
  • Also includes plants & gravel

Aquarium Capacity: 10 L (2.65 US gal)    Aquarium Dimensions: 25.4 cm (L) x 25.4 cm (W) x 28 cm (H) / 10 in (L) x 10 in (W) x 11 in (H)

Marina iGLO series – bringing fluorescent colours to life for a fun and unique viewing experience.

Kit Includes:

  • 10L aquarium with cover
  • LED remote control
  • Filter with media and integrated LED light
  • Galaxy gravel (1 kg)
  • iGlo plant (15 cm)

Marina is surely dedicated to providing a wide variety of user-friendly and affordable aquarium products for all levels of fish keeping.

In addition, Marina’s wide variety of creative and colourful decorations – such as plants, ornaments and gravel – bring visual life to aquariums

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