Microclimate Mounting Bracket (Evo Stats)

Microclimate Mounting Bracket (Evo Stats) –

Mounting brackets, designed for use with the Evo Range of products as a mount for the displays.

Each pack contains the mounting bracket and also 2 sets of screws: 2 x 40mm screws to mount the Evo Lite units and also 2 x 20mm screws to mount the display of the Evo and Evo Pros.


  1. Hold bracket in the position where it is to be mounted.
  2. Mark the wall mounting locations on the surface and install suitable fixings for your mounting location (not supplied).
  3. On the back of the thermostat remove the top left and bottom right screws and also keep them safe.
  4. Push bracket onto the back of the thermostat and screw in the new longer screws (do not over tighten).
  5. Slide the bracket onto your wall fixings.

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Microclimate Mounting Bracket (for Evo Stats) – MPN : CMA315