Molly – Assorted

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Molly – Assorted

Molly – Assorted –

Vital Information:

Temperature 17-26c

Max size 10cm

ph 6 7.5

Water requirements non critical


Molly Fish Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful

Molly Fish Breeding : These are livebearers so it is fairly easy. Adding a little aquarium salt will help. Read the breeding guppies article for more information. That article talks about guppies and swordtails, but the process is very similar for the Molly.

Aquarium Size : 20 gallon minium, prefer tall aquariums

Compatible Tank Mates : Not many – some feel they should only be kept with others of the same species.

Please note these fish come in various colours. If you require any specific colours please leave a note on check out. We will try our hardest to accommodate depending on stock.

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