Petstages Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm

Petstages Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm –

Features a unique ORKA material infused with catnip for a long lasting scent to then keep your kitty interested and happy.

The different textures help to massage your kitty’s gums when they chew.

Key Features:

  • Infused With Catnip
  • One Size
  • Ideal for Teething Kittens
  • Non-Toxic

Keeping cats and kittens purring, playing and perfectly turned out is a breeze with Rosewood.

With toys to drive even the fussiest felines wild!

Petstages, new and exclusive to Rosewood, dedicated to providing continuous innovation in pet products.

As clinical trends emerge in the future, Petstages work with pet experts to develop meaningful products that address the needs of pets of now and the future.

Providing products with purpose is the cornerstone of the Petstages philosophy, now and also in the years to come.

Safety advice: You should always supervise your cat using this toy.

Check product regularly for any wear & tear or rips and then remove toy if damages or if parts become separated.

We’re the people who love products for people who love pets.

That’s goodies, treats, essentials and accessories to then make your feline (and their people) happy – from the very big, to the very big at heart!

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Petstages Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm – MPN : 27548