Pettex Compressed Straw 2kg


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Pettex Compressed Straw 2kg

Pettex Compressed Straw 2kg –

Pre-Packed farm fresh Barley Straw, easily recognised by its distinctive design and colourful packaging.

Farm fresh Devonshire Straw is an unmolested by-product of the finest freshly harvested barley crops. Golden in colour and soft to the touch, our dust free Straw is the perfect cosy bedding for any small animal, enhanced by its fresh and sweet aroma.
Key Features: 
  • Straight from the farm`
  • Dust extracted
  • Suitable for all small animals
Contains: 2kg Barley straw
A wonderful soft Barley Straw, which is perfect for munching and burrowing as it does not flatten easily, this cosy bedding is dust extracted and grown in UK pastures without the use of artificial fertilizers or sprays.
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