Psittacus High Energy Hand Feeding


Psittacus High Energy Hand Feeding

Psittacus High Energy Hand Feeding –

A follow-on formula.

Indicated for hand rearing parrot species which need high fat diets (genera Psittacus, Ara, Poi-cephalus…), from the moment when pin feathers emerge.

Contains the most suitable vegetable fat for these species: crude palm oil.

It also contains papaya, which favours digestive transit.

Psittacus parrot foods are complete feeds that contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to develop a healthy and normal life from the first moments of life to adulthood.

Key Features:

  • Follow on formula
  • Great for hand rearing parrots
  • For birds from around 3 weeks onward
  • Contains papaya, which also favours digestive transit
  • Perfect for many species
  • 18% protein, 20% fats and oils

On average, parrots consume from 7 to 10 ml of formula per feeding bout and per 100 g of body weight.

The number of feeding bouts per day depends on the parrot species and the age.

Since it is a follow-on formula, in African grey parrots for example, it is used from the 3rd week of life.

For younger animals, it is then preferable to use early-age formulas (Psittacine Crop Milk or Neonatal).

Sizes available: 1 kg and 5 kg.

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Psittacus High Energy Hand Feeding 1kg – MPN : 4FPH001 ,
Psittacus High Energy Hand Feeding 5kg – MPN : 4FPH002

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