Roborovski Hamster

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Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski Hamster –

Also known as Russian Hamster.

Roborovski hamsters are nocturnal so they usually wake at dusk and are active at night.

They are generally gentle and rarely nip but they are very fast and agile which makes handling them difficult. It is advisable to handle them in an area where they will be easy to catch if they get away (over a large box, for example). Also, because of their speed and agility, a large cage is necessary to give them room to move about.

Roborovski hamsters are social and are ideally kept in same-sex pairs or groupings (find out what sex your hamster is). This works best if they are introduced at a young age, though.

The natural colouration of Roborovski hamsters is sandy brown on their backs, with a white belly. In the wild, this enables them to blend in with their desert surroundings (they are native to Mongolia and China).

They also have distinctive white marks over their eyes. A white-faced variety is also seen (the colouration is similar but with a white face).


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