Laguna Multi Hose Adapter 6mm

Laguna Multi Hose Adapter 6mm –

The perfect solution for when you need to connect two hoses together.

The hoses may have different diameters or the same diameters. Just cut the dovetails to the diameter sizes you require.

Easy to install and will provide a secure watertight dovetail connection. Designed for both metric or imperial hose sizes, from 6 mm / 1/4″ to 25 mm / 1 ” in diameter.

Other size also available separately: PT677 Laguna Multi-Hose Adapter, 19 mm to 38 mm (¾ in to 1 ½ in) diameter

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Allows you to join together hoses of different sizes
  • Designed for both imperial and metric hoses
  • PT676

Designed for: Metric or imperial hose sizes, from 6 mm / 1/4″ to 25 mm / 1 ” in diameter.

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Multi Purpose Hose Adaptor 5mm – MPN : PT676