Tinfoil Barb Fish

Tinfoil Barb Fish

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Tinfoil Barb Fish

Tinfoil Barb Fish –

These very active fish will swim in all areas of the aquarium. To keep them happy, keep them in a school of 5 or more of their own kind.

Though they are generally peaceful, they will eat smaller fish, so they are not always suitable for a community aquarium.

An aquarium best suited to this fish is large and roomy, with a fine gravel bottom and dense plantings along the edges.

Size: 13 inches (32 cm)

Temperature: 75°F – 80°F (24°C – 27°C)

Lifespan: 8 – 10 years

Origin / Habitat: Rivers in Thailand and Sumatra

Tinfoil Barb Temperament / Behavior: This fish can be peaceful enough for a very large community tank, but it may eat smaller fish.

Aquarium Size: 75 gallons (284 litres) minimum

Tank Mates: May go well with Bala Shark, Pleco, Silver Dollar and other large fish

Diet / Foods: A herbivore – provide a varied diet with algae wafers, pellet food and frozen food.

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