Trixie Bird Water Bowl with Metal Foot 1800ml

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Trixie Bird Water Bowl with Metal Foot 1800ml

Trixie Bird Water Bowl with Metal Foot 1800ml –

Feed bowls, water bottles or handy dispensers for feed and water. You can also use this water bowl as a feed bowl or a bird bath.

Our range offers a wide selection of bird feeders and feed dispensers for wild birds in the garden.

With TRIXIE bird feeders, you create clean and safe feeding places that our wild birds will love all year round and this then offers you the chance to watch them feeding.

Colour: Grey

Key Features:

  • You can also use as feed bowl or bird bath
  • With metal foot to attach to floor
  • Height of the rod: 1.07 m
  • Metal, powder coated

Measurements: 1,800 ml / 35 cm       Height: 1.07 m

In our product range, you can surely find a large variety of feed dispensers, bird feeders, fat ball holders and bird baths for wild birds. The products are made of various materials and come in various sizes, designs and colours.

You can choose between bird feed and water dispensers for hanging or standing. That allows you to find the right feeding place for your garden and help our wild birds in their search for food, while you can observe them at leisure.

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Water Bowl with Metal Foot, 1,800 ml/ 35 cm – MPN : 55511