Unipac Superfine Bird Sand 2.5kg

Unipac Superfine Bird Sand 2.5kg –

Manufactured from superfine sand and oyster shell. Pre-packed bird sand.

Made of superfine sand and fine oyster shell, it is easy to clean and also works as a great in combination with a base of sand sheets or newspaper.

Packed with crushed oyster shell, this bird sand helps to grind down seed kernels, provides a valuable source of minerals essential for good health, and is also recommended for your bird’s digestion in combination with a healthy diet.

Most birds appreciate a sand bath to keep their feathers clean and healthy, and also a light, daily spray with water.

  • Ideal for bird sanitation, as it is easy to clean
  • Recommended for bird digestion
  • Great for all caged birds, including budgies, canaries, cockatiels, finches and also parrots.

Suitable for all types of caged birds.

Size – 2.5kg

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