Vitapol Budgie Fruit Stick

Vitapol Budgie Fruit Stick –

A healthy fun to eat treat bar for Budgerigars.

Fruit flavoured sticks made especially with your pet Budgie in mind.

Baked, to make them crumble-free, ensuring minimum waste, your bird can surely have fun and excitement with this tasty treat.

Key Features:

  • A healthy fun to eat treat bar
  • Complementary pet food
  • For Budgerigars (Budgies)
  • Contains natural vitamins
  • Fruit flavour
  • Made from selected seeds & fruit
  • Baked, to make them crumble-free
  • Minimum waste

Contents/Weight: 45 g

Place or hang anywhere within the cage as a tasty, boredom busting treat that your budgie will simply adore.

Your bird will surely find fun and excitement with these tasty real fruit flavoured treat sticks.

Ingredients: Grains 54%, Fruits 24%, Bakery products 20%, Oily seeds 2%

  • Proteins 10.7% Raw
  • Fat 5.1% Raw
  • Fibre 6.3% Raw
  • Ash 3.4% Raw

Our mission is to promote good and healthy lifestyle of our little pets. That is why such attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients.

We also want to offer to our customers only the best food and sticks that will provide their Pet with essential vitamins and ingredients needed for proper development.

To provide what’s best we are still conducting research and consultations with experts, farmers, but also our customers, who are also familiar with the needs of their pets.

We believe that through those actions we will please every animal, and thus its owner.

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