Whiskas Kitten Pouch Jelly Fish Selection 12 x 100g

Whiskas Kitten Pouch Jelly Fish Selection 12 x 100g –

At WHISKAS® we understand what your cat naturally needs and loves.

That’s why every pouch contains nutritious meat and fishy pieces in different varieties, so your kitten can discover new tastes and textures, that give him healthy start in life.

Complete pet food for growing kittens.

  • Protein: lots of protein to give me all the energy I need to run around and play.
  • Minerals: to help support your kitten’s immune system.
  • Calcium: to help his bones and teeth grow strong and healthy.
  • Vitamins: the right balance of vitamins just for him.

Young kittens grow fifteen times faster than human babies, so that’s why it’s so important to give them food which has been specially tailored to meet their unique needs and tastes.

Whiskas kitten food has been carefully prepared to give your kitten a tasty meal he’ll love also with all the essential nutrients he needs to grow big and strong.

Size – 12 x 100g

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Weight 1.5 kg