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Cat Grooming - Tips and Tricks

Cat Grooming – Tips and Tricks

reading time: 3 minutes

Cat Grooming – Tips and Tricks

Cat Grooming – Tips and Tricks – It’s no secret that cats are very well equipped for grooming themselves. However, general maintenance is beneficial and you can get all of the areas your cat can’t reach.


Take your cat into a quiet room, the last thing you want are distractions when trying to groom your cat. They can be unpredictable and might not like the fact that you’re trying to groom them. Be gentle, patient and slow. Follow the natural curve of your pet’s fur to avoid any unnecessary tugging and gently work through any knots. You should make sure you brush your cat’s stomach, chest, and legs too. The length of your cat’s fur will dictate what type of brush you need.


Keeping your cat’s paws healthy and clean is extremely important. They spend a lot of time climbing and the last thing you want is a splinter or brick in your cat’s mouth when they’re grooming their selves. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and is pretty straightforward and simple. Simply check their paws once a day for any cuts, lumps or any debris. If there is nothing irregular about the paws then continue and give them a quick wipe over with a damp cloth. Keep an eye out for any foreign items in their feet, if possible, remove gently with a pair of tweezers. If it isn’t possible, you should take your cat to the vets.


Cats love hunting. Their eyesight is one of the key features that they use to hunt and get around which is why it’s so important to make sure you check their eyes regularly. To start off with you should get your cat into a brightly lit area and look at her eyes. Your cat’s eyes should be clear, bright and the pupils should be around about the same size. After you’ve had a visual check, you’ll need to have a closer look. To do this, gently roll back their eyelid to have a look. You should look out for any discharge, watering, clouding, gunk, and red or white eyelid lining.

Generally, your cat will show you that there is something wrong before you have to check. If they keep pawing at their eyes or squinting, the chances are that there is something wrong with their eyes and it’s aggravating them. Keep this in mind.


On the same note as their eyes, cats teeth are an extremely important part of their day to day life. You should make sure you check their teeth and gums regularly and clean them. To start with, push your cat’s lips back and have a look around. Their gums should be pink, not red. Keep a lookout for any inflammation, loose teeth, ulcers or a dark red line along the gums. These are indicators of gum disease which can be fatal to cats.

After you’ve checked the teeth and gums, using your cat toothbrush gently rub the toothpaste onto the cat’s teeth, being gentle and slow. Getting them used to this may take a while. You should start off by rubbing their teeth with your finger to get them used to it.

Last Thoughts

If there are any signs of aggression or you think you or your cat could get hurt performing any of these tasks, take them to the vets and ask them to check for you. If you want to see our full range of grooming products click here.

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