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Fleas ticks and worms

How to treat Fleas, Ticks and Worms

Having unwanted guests in your home or on your pet is never a pleasant experience. It is worth knowing how to get rid of them for good as well as protecting your pets from them. Read this blog to find out how you can prevent and protect your pets from fleas, ticks and worms.


These are small parasites that live on your pet’s body and survive on their blood. Comparing fleas to human nits, fleas can survive without living on the skin. This meaning that fleas can infest your home too if not treated quickly. Here at HugglePets, we have the perfect comb that you can use on your dog when checking for fleas, the Mikki Compact Flea Comb can be used to trap and comb out fleas and their eggs.


There is a variety of worms that can negatively affect your dog’s health. As some of them can be deadly to your dog, it is in the best interest that you protect your pet from these deadly pests. Some of the most common worms include tapeworm and roundworm. However, neither of them carry the clearest of symptoms. Despite them not carrying the clearest of symptoms, it is important that you have a regular worming routine, you can discuss this with your vet or one of our animal experts at HugglePets.


These parasites belong to the same family as spiders and are another blood-sucking pest. Ticks are slightly different from fleas, they will attach themselves to your pet’s body. However, ticks latch onto a single place on your pet’s skin to begin to suck their blood. Ticks require to be carefully removed from your pet. At HugglePets we supply a tool called the Ancol Ergo Dog Tick Tool which can be used to carefully take the tick off of the dog’s skin.  However, there are medications or shampoo to help combat them too.


There a few options that you can pick between including

These treatments are really good at preventing and treating fleas and ticks as they’re long-lasting and will kill them off at any stage of their life. Additionally, most spot-on treatments can help prevent worms too. Make sure that for the application doses that you have the correct amount for the weight of your dog.

You can find all of our tick and flea treatments here. If you have any questions about the correct procedure for your dog, please contact us on 01902 494 860 or message our Facebook page!