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Our Caramel Carpet Jungle Python is ready for their new home!

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Our Caramel Carpet Jungle Python is ready to go to their new home. We have been housing the most gorgeous Jungle Python for just short of 8 months and we are happy to see the development in their character, growth, and temperament. As of September 2019, we are happy for our Caramel Carpet Jungle Python to start their life with a new owner! Carry on reading to find out more about our Jungle Python!

Although they are still in their juvenile stage, our Python has developed a strong character and has been used in our Animal Knowledge sessions within HugglePets in the Community. They are great to handle. Our Python has developed a loving character and has very distinctive colours. The dark brown and cream resemble the colours of the popular Royal Pythons.

The Jungle Python is still classed as a juvenile, this meaning that they have plenty of growth left to do. It is said that the Caramel Jungle Pythons can grow up to 5-7ft! As they continue to grow, the Python has been eating every week – excluding shedding weeks. They started with pinkies and are now on hopper mice. We believe this will continue to grow along with the growth of the python.

As we believe that the Python could grow up to the incredible size of 5ft, we advise that their next owner is considerate of their growth span and how much space they are going to need. Please refer to the shopping list at the end of the blog to find out everything you will ever need!

The care for this Carpet Python has been labelled as intermediate. This is due to the routine and handling practice that they will need. Click here to read through our Care Guide for the Caramel Carpet Jungle Python. Requirements that we suggest for this snake are as listed;

  1. Branches and Vines – They love to climb and hang around vines and branches.
  2. Leaves – They do like to hide and bury themselves to rest.
  3. Plenty of Tropical and Jungle like options – Rocks and burial options are great for this snake as they love to hang and hide; similar to the wild
  4. Humidity – Carpet Pythons are jungle animals and love to be warm, plenty of humidity needs to be within their vivarium. Spraying 2/3 times a day is essential.

Shopping List for the Caramel Carpet Jungle Python?

  1. Medium Arboreal Vivarium
  2. Coco Fibre, Coco Brick or Bark Chips
  3. Branches 
  4. Leaves
  5. Rocks 
  6. Water bowls 
  7. 100w Bulb

Click any of the links above to browse our online shop for the options we suggest for the Python.

If you have any more questions about the Caramel Carpet Jungle Python, be sure to send us a message on our Facebook page.

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