Arcadia Earth Mix Arid Reptile Substrate
Arcadia Earth Mix Arid Reptile Substrate
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Arcadia Earth Mix Arid Reptile Substrate



Arcadia Earth Mix Arid Reptile Substrate

Arcadia Earth Mix Arid Reptile Substrate –

A potent and eco-friendly, Bio-Active ready planting medium.

Specifically formulated by the world’s leading reptile care and plant growth experts. Contains organic compounds and worm manure to be easily assessable for plants of arid origin.

Arcadia Reptile EarthMix Arid has been ‘supercharged’ with safe, organic plant foods and minerals that are essential for the wellbeing of reptiles, amphibians, inverts and plants alike.

30% volcanic lava dust also added to the mix to not only aid with good drainage but to provide a higher mineral content for a full spectrum. ‘Wild re-created’ substrate for animals from desert, or arid species.

You can use EarthMix-Arid in desert, woodland or arid vivariums without any additions being added to the mix.

Its fine grade will allow for good Terrascaping and thus naturalistic enclosure design.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe and effective
  • Can use for all arid species in all types of enclosure
  • Custodian ready
  • Bio-active
  • High levels of plant growth

Sizes available in: 5 Litres and 10 Litres

You can also use this Arid version of our popular substrate in arid terrain for species like Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx lizards, horned lizards, Steppes runners and many more – perfect for those drier enclosures.

If it is Bio-Activity that you want with stunning plant growth then EarthMix Arid is the only option with guaranteed results.

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