ProRep Red Night Spotlamp (BC) Bayonet


ProRep Red Night Spotlamp (BC) Bayonet

ProRep Red Night Spotlamp (BC) Bayonet –

Format clear reflector spot bulb. Bayonet fitting (BC).

Directions – Select an appropriate colour lamp to emphasise the features of your set-up. This will also simulate your animal’s natural environment.

Make sure that the wattage is appropriate for the animal and also the enclosure size and construction.

  • For nocturnal species
  • Creates local warmth simulating retained daytime heat
  • Provides light and heat and also increases ambient air temperature
  • Encourages natural thermo-regulatory behaviour

Use in an approved fitting of the correct type. Mount the light directly above the basking site approximately 1/3 from one end of the tank. This will create a temperature gradient also allowing natural thermo-regulatory behaviour.

Also highly recommended to use a dimming thermostat to prevent overheating. The use of a guard is also essential to ensure that your animal cannot get burnt.

Please use the menu above to select your wattage.

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PR Red Night Spotlamp 40W BC – MPN : LMS225 ,
PR Red Night Spotlamp 60W BC – MPN : LMS230 ,
PR Red Night Spotlamp 100W BC – MPN : LMS232

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40W, 60W, 100W