ProRep Tortoise Life Edible 10L
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ProRep Tortoise Life Edible 10L


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ProRep Tortoise Life Edible 10L

ProRep Tortoise Life Edible 10L –

Part of the species-specific Life series of substrates.

A 100% blend of natural botanical flowers, leaves and dried grasses suitable for all species of tortoise.

Formulated with botanical herbs, leaves and flowers to add variety to your tortoises diet. It will also help to encourage natural foraging behaviour as observed in the wild.

Grown free from insecticides and herbicides specifically for tortoises and other herbivorous or omnivorous reptiles.

Composition: 80% Dried Grass, 7% Nettle, 7% Marigold Flowers, 2% Raspberry Leaf, 1% Dandelion Leaf, 1% Hibiscus Flowers, 1% Cornflowers, 0.5% Rose Flowers, 0.5% Blue


  • Place loosely in a dry area or a large feeding dish as a complementary offering to your current feeding regime to help aid in the overall digestive health of your tortoise.

Contents/Weight: 10 Litres

Our high quality product range offers fantastic value for money and rigorously tested so provide the reassurance of the ProRep quality brand.

All products are carefully sourced to ensure suitability and safety for your pet. ProRep believe that responsible product selection is key to a successful and trustworthy brand.

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PR Tortoise Life EDIBLE, 10 litre – MPN : SMT030