Rosewood Hutch ‘n’ Home Cleaning Tool


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Rosewood Hutch ‘n’ Home Cleaning Tool

Rosewood Hutch ‘n’ Home Cleaning Tool –

Ideally sized (15.5 cm blade) and shaped to make cleaning your pet’s home quicker and easier.

Will help to separate still clean and dry litter from damp and dirty patches.

Child-safe blade to get into tight corners and edges and a wooden handle with comfort grip.

For wooden hutches and indoor homes.

Key Features:

  • Ideally sized (15.5 cm blade) & also shaped to make cleaning quicker & easier
  • Separates still clean & dry litter from damp & dirty patches
  • Child-safe blade to get into tight corners & edges
  • Wooden handle with comfort grip
  • For wooden hutches & indoor homes

Length: 29 cm        Width of Blade: 15.5 cm

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