Selective Degu Food- 1.5kg


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Selective Degu Food

Selective Degu Food – Science Selective Degu

A unique baked diet, formulated to meet the special nutritional requirements of degus.

Selective Science Degu food is a nutritionally complete food that contains all the nutrients a small animal needs.

A uniquely baked, highly palatable food with added vitamin c to aid dental health and provide essential immune system support, no artificial colours or added sugars to help prevent diabetes and obesity.


Alfalfa, barley, wheat flour, wheatfeed, peas, soybean meal, broccoli (min 4%), oats, soy oil, minerals, spinach, basil (min 1%), salt.


  • Prevents selective feeding
  • Unique baked recipe
  • High quality, nutritionally balanced food
  • Added vitamin C-500mg/kg
  • Zero added sugar or artificial colourants
  • Highly palatable with added broccoli & basil

 Size – 1.5kg


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SELECTIVE DEGU 1.5KG x 1 – MPN : 210063