Trixie Friends on Tour Car Cooler

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Trixie Friends on Tour Car Cooler

Trixie Friends on Tour Car Cooler –

Simply hooked to the car boot lid. That way, the lid can stay slightly open and fresh air gets into the car.

With adjustable length and made from galvanized metal, you can then attach the car cooler to your boot lid which will allow fresh air to come into the car.

Key Features:

  • Galvanized metal
  • Lets fresh air into the car
  • Attach to boot lid
  • Adjustable length
Product not suitable for motorised vehicles.

Safety: Please note that cars can heat up considerably in a short time due to even slight sunlight, even at moderate outside temperatures. Care should also be taken when windows and/or trunk lid are open.

To ensure air circulation, it is necessary to open the car in at least two places, e.g. with the help of two fresh air grilles in combination with the car cooler.

In addition, find a shady parking spot, provide your dog with fresh water and leave him alone for only a few minutes, if at all.

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Car Cooler for fresh air in the car boot – MPN : 13105