Trixie Protective Dog Sock



Trixie Protective Dog Sock

Trixie Protective Dog Sock –

Keeps wounds and bandages dry and clean.

These protective dog socks also reduce the risk of infection and will support your dogs healing process.

Key Features:

  • Silicone
  • Keeps wounds and bandages dry and clean
  • Flexible material allows full range of movement
  • Fits front legs and hind legs
  • Easy to fit by cutting and separate hook and loop straps

Colour: Grey

TRIXIE claw scissors and claw clippers make the bothersome but important job of clipping your pet’s claws fast and easy.

Special creams and sprays care for the dog paws and protect them in winter and when a lot of strain is put on them.

TRIXIE dog socks and the protective dog boots Walker are ideal to help injuries to heal and they protect bandages.

How to determine the size: Measure the widest part of the paw while the dog is standing (taking bandages into account). The protective sock should be about 1 cm wider.

Front leg: attach one fastener above the dew claw, the other one at the end of the sock.  Hind leg: attach one fastener above the toe joint, the other at the end of the sock.

Ensure a sufficient blood supply by not tightening the hook and loop fastener too tight. Not bite proof, only use when you can supervise your dog. Air-tight, not for continuous use.

No guarantee that the sock can withstand heavy use that it is not intended for (e.g. free playing, running on rough ground).

Sizes available in:

  • Small – (Measurements: 6 cm/30 cm) – (for e.g.: Jack Russell Terrier)
  • Medium – (Measurements: 8 cm/35 cm) – (for e.g.: Cocker Spaniel)
  • Large – (Measurements: 10 cm/40 cm) – (for e.g.: Golden Retriever)
  • XL – (Measurements: 12 cm/45 cm) – (for e.g.: German Shepherd)

TRIXIE has been focusing on pets for over 40 years, with now 6500 products on offer and also lots of ideas and information on your pet.

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Protective Dog Sock, grey, XL 12 cm/45 cm – MPN : 19434,
Protective Dog Sock, grey, S 6 cm/30 cm – MPN : 19431,
Protective Dog Sock, grey, M 8 cm/35 cm – MPN : 19432,
Protective Dog Sock, grey, L 10 cm/40 cm – MPN : 19433

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