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Superfish has landed at HugglePets!

reading time: 4 minutes

Whether you are looking for breeding boxes, fish nets or gravel cleaners, Superfish stocks it all! We are now proud stockists of the aquatic brand Superfish, in the HugglePets store and online!

Useful accessories for easy maintenance of your aquarium. SuperFish develops various tools to then help you clean your aquarium. With these tools, you can surely enjoy a successful aquarium hobby. Superfish surely makes your aquarium hobby successful, complete with aquariums, filters and filter media, heating, lighting, ventilation, and useful accessories. It is our goal to make your aquarium hobby successful and also affordable.

The Aquatics brand was launched at the beginning of August and has been selling really well since. We are going to show you some of the products available to purchase!

A 2 in 1 aquarium cleaner, ideal for carrying out water changes and cleaning substrate and glass. The auto-start system ensures this is an easy to use gravel cleaner.

The indispensable magnet then allows you to keep the aquarium glass clean without getting your hands wet. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to allow you to get in all those impossible places of your tank!

Sizes available:

Ultra-safe air pumps for oxygen-enriched water. Each pump also comes with a free replacement membrane to ensure longer usage. Designed for aquarium use. The Air-Flow Mini and Air-Flow 1 have one outlet, while the Air-Flow 2 has two and Air-Flow 4 has four outlets and also have adjustable airflow.

  • Mini – (78 L/h)  (Pressure: 0.015 MPA)  (Aquarium: 0 – 50 L)   (Outlet: 1)   (Power: 1.8 W)
  • 1 Way – (96 L/h)  (Pressure: 0.015 MPA)  (Aquarium: 0 – 100 L)   (Outlet: 1)   (Power: 2 W)
  • 2 Way – (240 L/h)  (Pressure: 0.020 MPA)  (Aquarium: 0 – 250 L)   (Outlet: 2)   (Power: 4 W)
  • 4 Way – (600 L/h)  (Pressure: 0.012 MPA)  (Aquarium: 0 – 600 L)   (Outlet: 4)   (Power: 8 W)

With the SuperFish Heater Cover, you can easily hide an aquarium heater inside the aquarium. Available in 3 sizes: S is for heaters up to 21 cm (eg Nano/Eco Heater 50 and 100 Watt). M up to 29 cm (eg Combi-Heater 25, 50, 75 and 100 Watt). L up to 35 cm (eg Combi-Heater 150, 200 and 300 Watt and Eco Heater 200 and 300 Watt).

Attach the Heater Cover in the corner of the aquarium and place a heater invisibly inside the rock. The Heater Cover is made of ceramic, which also ensures the best heat transmission and offers extra protection.


Check out more of Superfish here. If you have any questions, be sure to send a message over to our Facebook now!