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We launched our own Fabric Crates!

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At the beginning of this year, we created our own range of Foldable Dog Crates. Available in 5 different colours and 4 sizes, these fabric crates are the perfect resolution to taking your pets out for the day.

These fabric crates are made from top of the market waterproof fabric with steel tubings to keep the shape of the crate. The fabric crates also have 3 openings that are made out of mesh netting. This allows your pet to have the best visibility and ventilation while using our fabric crates. These mesh nettings have zipped openings; one on the top, one on the front and one on the side.

There is also pockets at the top and back for you to store handy items such as treats or keys. It comes with a sheepskin mat so the crate is comfortable for your pet. Your furry friend will feel very secure in this soft crate and can snuggle into the soft mat provided whilst still seeing what is going on.

With flaps that can be fixed open for extra ventilation and a handle for easy carrying, you will find this luxury soft carrier to be lightweight and durable.


  • Comes in five great colours – Black, Red, Blue, Pink, and Purple
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold away when not using
  • Easy to unfold
  • Two pockets to store items
  • Mesh so the pet can see what’s going on
  • Comfy mat for the pet to lay on




Best of all, it quickly folds down for storage when not required. Simple to set up and convenient to use for both you and your pet.

These fabric crates are also suitable for cats, as well as dogs!

Get yours now through our home page! Or purchase yours here! Please message our Facebook page here, with any questions.