Hugo Kamishi

Hugo Kamishi Boxed Plant Mix 1


Hugo Kamishi Boxed Plant Mix 1

Hugo Kamishi Boxed Plant Mix 1 –

With a resin base making it nicely weighted to sit at the bottom of the aquarium and features a number of plants to give background, mid and foreground plants all in one piece of decor.

Hugo Says “Fish keeping is not just a hobby; it should change our lives.

Fishkeeping will teach us to appreciate the simple things in life, re-enforce the art of care and responsibility and last but not least, remind us how to accept and appreciate living beings.”

Key Features:

  • Will add a touch of subtle colour to your aquarium
  • Leaves flow very nicely with the current in aquarium
  • Plants come packaged in a box
  • Base of plant will then stop it from floating around aquarium

Sizes available in: 15 cm, 20 cm, 28 cm and 35 cm

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There’s always a lot of debate among enthusiasts whether artificial aquarium plants or live plants are better for your tank. Live plants can improve the quality of your water; they can also destroy it.

In most cases, they’re more likely to do the latter unless you are willing to learn how to be an aquascaper.

In this modern age where people are “busy” , but want the instant effect of the aquascaped aquarium then why not look at our range of aquascaping plants.

The range is vast and has a large choice of colours to suit even the brightest of aquascaped aquariums.

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  • 15 cm – MPN: 1396754
  • 20 cm – MPN: 1396732
  • 28 cm – MPN: 1396692
  • 35 cm – MPN: 1396668

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