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King British Algae Wafers (With IHB)

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King British Algae Wafers (With IHB)

King British Algae Wafers (With IHB) –

A complete food presented as dark-green discs approximately 15mm in diameter.

Designed to sink and provide a balanced diet with 45% protein.

Developed to meet the nutritional needs of all bottom-feeding algae eaters including Corydoras, Loaches & Plecs.

The vegetarian wafers contain both Vitamin C and our unique IHB ‘Health Booster’ to aid fish health.

Designed to remain stable in the water for up to 3 hours then allowing grazing fish to take their time to eat the food.

How to use:

  • Feed daily (but only 6 days per week), sufficient to last approximately 15 – 20 minutes per feed.
  • Do not overfeed and also remove any uneaten food.
  • Ideally feed in the evening.

Sizes available in: 40 g and 100 g tubs.

King British fish foods – made using only the finest quality ingredients, including hydrolysed protein, used to achieve optimum protein digestibility.

In addition, the flake foods contain no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in a move to rid fish foods of synthetically manufactured ingredients.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Use within six months of opening.

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Algae Wafers (with IHB) 100g – MPN : 17866,
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