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Hugo Kamishi Sitting Unicorns


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Hugo Kamishi Sitting Unicorns

Hugo Kamishi Sitting Unicorns –

A great way to add decoration to any home aquarium very easily. Provides interesting shelter and structures for your fish to swim through.

Easy to clean, just remove them from your aquarium and then wipe them down with aquarium water.

Use a soft brush for those stubborn bits of algae and grime. Do this before rinsing in aquarium water.

Key Features:

  • Hugo ornaments are a great way to add decoration to any home aquarium.
  • Ornaments also provide shelter and structures for your fish to swim through.
  • The Hugo Kamishi collection is always changing and looking for new, exciting concepts to keep your aquarium looking fresh and interesting.
  • Easy to clean, simply remove from your aquarium and use a soft brush to remove any stubborn algae and grime before rinsing in aquarium water.

Size: 6 cm Tall

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The products in the Hugo Kamishi™ range are synonymous with quality and design. They will go a long way in making your Aquatic Environment look as peaceful and tranquil as you desire.

The Hugo range changes with the seasons and allows new colours and themes to be experimented with throughout the year.

The range itself includes a wide selection of imitation plants made from a selection of materials, coloured and natural gravels, decorative stones and ornaments.

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