ProRep Cork Oak Branch
ProRep Cork Oak Branch
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ProRep Cork Oak Branch



ProRep Cork Oak Branch

The ProRep Cork Oak Branch is ultra-absorbent and soft on your reptile’s legs and body so their comfort is assured.

Each tube of cork bark will give your pet something to play with and if they are small enough they can even make a small hide.

These solid branches can be leaned or fixed at varying angles.

Due to the absorbance of the cork, it will soak up any mess and can dampen and dry accordingly so there is plenty of scope for you to keep the terrarium moist and comfortable.

Cork makes a brilliant and natural hiding place within your vivarium.

  • Each branch is unique
  • Long lasting wood & hard surface
  • Provides a basking platform for your reptile
  • Can be used as a foundation for vines
  • Allows access to higher levels of the enclosure


Sizes available:

  • 40 – 60cm

  • 80 – 100cm

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PR Cork Oak Branch, 80 – MPN : DPC342 ,
PR Cork Oak Branch, 40 – MPN : DPC341

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