ZooMed Tortoise Block


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ZooMed Tortoise Block

ZooMed Tortoise Block –

The Tortoise Banquet Block, designed to offer your tortoises and also your Box turtles supplemental calcium while it will help to maintain the beak and also offer enrichment.

The banquet block is a great source of calcium. It provides enrichment as your tortoises chew the block to get the vegetables inside.

It helps to prevent overgrowth of your tortoises’ beak.

This formula includes a mixture of nutritious vegetables including Spineless Opuntia Cactus, Carrots, and also Alfalfa in a solid Calcium base.

Directions – Place block on the floor of the habitat and allow tortoises to bite and scrape the calcium block. The block will provide beneficial Calcium, vitamins, and vegetables, including Spineless Opuntia Cactus which is also a natural part of the diet of many tortoises.

Replace the block after it has been completely consumed, or if the block becomes wet or soiled.

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