Trixie Small Animal Wooden Exercise Wheel



Trixie Small Animal Wooden Exercise Wheel

Trixie Small Animal Wooden Exercise Wheel –

Wooden exercise wheel made of untreated wood. Available in various sizes for mice, hamsters or degus.

The solid running surface provides a safe grip.

The running surface is made of cork and is gentle on your small animals spine and joints.

This product also has a ‘quiet motion’ due to the ball baring to benefit the pet parents and avoid any inconvenience due to loud noises.

Key Features:

  • Paw-friendly running surface made of cork
  • Smooth and quiet motion due to ball-bearing
  • Solid running surface
  • Wood, untreated

We have provided a safety stand and closed rear wall on this product to prevent your small animal from getting caught and injured during its exercise.

Our product provides the exact equipment your small pet needs to stay happy, healthy and entertained!

Sizes available:

  • 21 cm (for e.g.: dwarf hamsters, mice)
  • 28 cm (for e.g.: hamsters)
  • 33 cm (large hamsters, degus)

In their natural habitat, hamsters and other small rodents cover several kilometres in search for food.

TRIXIE running wheels and running plates serve to meet this need in the enclosure as well. Here, we pay special attention to the safety of your pet.

Please always observe the information and tips for choosing the right running wheel or plate.

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21 cm – MPN : 60922
28 cm – MPN : 60923
33 cm – MPN: 60924

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