eSHa Hexamita 20ml Discus


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eSHa Hexamita 20ml Discus

eSHa Hexamita 20ml Discus –

A unique treatment that combats disease in Discus and other Cichlids.

You can also use in conjunction with eSHa EXIT Anti-Whitespot treatment and / or eSHa gdex – against skin flukes, gill flukes and tapeworms.

This combination provides you with a broadly effective tool to then solve and prevent most diseases your Discus and Cichlids will encounter.

Key Features:

  • Effectively treats ‘Hole in the head disease
  • Effectively treats other bacterial and fungal infections
  • Prevents disease in newly acquired stock
  • Protects fish from secondary infections

Size: 20 ml

Use eSHa HEXAMITA if the following symptoms are visible…

  • Darkening of colour
  • ‘Holes in the head’
  • White stringy faeces
  • Lesions at base of fins
  • Skin decay

Also for many other diseases! Together we will find the solution.

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eSHa has over 50 years research and manufacturing expertise in:

  • Disease treatments for ornamental fish.
  • Supplements for tropical fish.
  • Anti algae and snail treatments.
  • Products for aquatic plant growth and health.
  • Test strips for determining water quality.

and manufacturers of well-known products such as eSHa 2000® (Fungus Finrot & Bacteria Treatment), eSHa Protalon 707® (Anti Algae Treatment) and the award-winning eSHa Aqua Quick Test (the first and original 6 in 1 test strip).

With eSHa the focus is always on ease-of-use and good value for money.

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