Webbox Cats Delight Salmon & Trout Tasty Sticks
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Webbox Cats Delight Salmon & Trout Tasty Sticks


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Webbox Cats Delight Salmon & Trout Tasty Sticks

Webbox Cats Delight Salmon & Trout Tasty Sticks –

A complementary pet food for cats/kittens.

Perfect to feed at any time as a tasty, chewable snack or treat. Gently cooked to produce a delicious, moist, meaty treat, your cat/kitten will adore Webbox Cats Delight cat sticks!

Key Features:

  • 6 sticks (6 x 30 g)
  • 75% Meat and Fish
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Kitten Friendly
  • No Added Cereals

Contents/Weight: 6 Semi-moist tasty Sticks (each stick is 30 g)

Each treat stick is individually wrapped for freshness – to open, simply tear open from the top of the pack.

Feeding instructions: Suitable for cats and kittens. Please adjust your cat/kittens daily intake of food accordingly when giving treats to keep your cat/kitten in a lean, active condition.

Fresh water should also be available at all times.

At Webbox we try to see the world from a pets point of view, so we can understand what they want, not just what they need.

And we surely put all of our understanding, love, fun and inventiveness into everything we make.

Webbox create innovative food, treats and toys that give your pets not just what they need but also what they really want so they can get more joy out of every single moment.

Toys that surprise and excite, food that is drooling-worthingly tasty and of course super healthy!

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