Arcadia T5 ShadeDweller™ UV Lamp

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Arcadia T5 ShadeDweller™ UV Lamp

Arcadia T5 ShadeDweller™ UV Lamp –

Perfect for use with ShadeDwelling species and those living in shallow enclosures.

These include: Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Hatchling & Crepuscular Snakes, Amphibians and Inverts.

Made in Germany, these lamps surely provide the perfect balance of 7% UV-B and 17% UV-A for D3 production and regulation.

The ShadeDweller™ UV Lamp also has a 12 month lamp life.

  • 8 Watt
  • High quality
  • Full-Spectrum’ output
  • Also provides essential Vitamin D3 within the ‘Light & Shade Method’
  • 12 month lamp life
  • Made in Germany

For far too long Crepuscular animals have not had dedicated lighting systems, ShadeDweller™ surely seeks to right this wrong!

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Arcadia ShadeDweller UV Lamp, 8 Watt – MPN : RFD3SD08