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10 Intelligent Animals

Did you know? 10 Intelligent Animals

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10 intelligent Animals – In Appreciation of World Animal Day 04/10/2016

Here are our chosen 10 intelligent Animals: Discover some interesting and fun facts!

1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees have the ability to communicate with each other through gestures, body language, facial expressions and vocalisation. A chimp will scratch and look at other chimps when they want to be groomed.

10 Intelligent Animals


Elephants have a natural instinct to cover themselves in mud to get rid of parasites, biting insects and dead skin.

10 Intelligent Animals

3. Dogs

Dogs have the ability to learn new skills and respond to human training and commands.

10 Intelligent Animals

4. Pigeons

Pigeons have navigational skills and use the sun as a compass to determine and reach their destination.

10 Intelligent Animals

5. Raccoons 

Racoons have fine hairs around each finger and use their sense of touch to build up a 3D mental map of their surroundings to hunt for food at night. It’s as complex as human sight- You could say they see with their hands!

10 Intelligent Animals

6. Cats

Cats have excellent night vision and even have the ability to see light six times lower than humans need to see.

10 Intelligent Animals

7. Squirrels

Squirrels are known to make pretentious buries to deceive other animals into thinking they have stored their food there. This intelligent trick allows squirrels to bury food in a safer location.

10 Intelligent Animals

8. Otters

Otters use rocks to break open shells of their prey including Oysters, Crabs and Crayfish. They also use it to remove bones, discards and other parts of the fish they may not want to eat.

10 Intelligent Animals

 9. Whales

Whales warn others of danger, by slapping the surface of the water with their tails and fins which can be heard hundreds of metres away.

10 Intelligent Animals

10. Rats 

Rats use their smelling, tasting, touching and hearing senses to direct them to food.

10 Intelligent Animals

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