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3 Reasons Why Grooming Your Dog is Essential!

3 Reasons Why Grooming Your Dog is Essential!

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3 Reason Why Grooming your Dog is Essential!

Grooming your dog should be a therapeutic experience, that you and your dog can enjoy. The handling of a dog during the grooming process builds a lasting bond between dog and owner and reduces stress on both parts. There are loads and loads of reasons as to why grooming your dog is essential, but below find just 3 of the top reasons why we think, grooming is essential!

There are also many health benefits when grooming a dog:

  • During brushing, the skin is stimulated, which encourages the production of new skin and coat growth.
  • Dead hair is removed, which prevents the dog’s pores of the skin from becoming blocked. This also helps prevent skin conditions.
  • When parting your dog’s coat during grooming, it’s is possible to see any lumps, bumps, cuts or scabs they may have, that would otherwise go unnoticed under the hair.

By having a regular grooming regime at home, when the time comes that your dog needs to visit a professional groomer, your dog will take this experience all in their stride!

It is important to remember that all dogs need grooming, just some more than others.

Thank you to Cheryl from Posh Poochies Tipton for this fantastic blog!

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If you didn’t already know, dog grooming is a vital part of owning a dog and can make both you and your pooch happy. For any questions, queries, or concerns, contact us on Facebook.