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Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog When You Can't Go on a Walk

Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog When You Can’t Go on a Walk

reading time: 6 minutes

This blog was written wonderfully by Martha Wil, who runs a website dedicated to pet health, fitness and wellbeing, and who’s generously provided some knowledge with us about how to exercise your dog without going on walkies. Give it a read and check out her links below!


5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog When You Can’t Go on a Walk

In order to maintain their health and keep their weight under control, the vast majority of dogs need regular exercise. One of the most effective methods to provide your dog with exercise is to go for a stroll with them. However, if you are unable to walk because of an illness or injury, you will need to find another means to exercise your dog in order to keep him healthy. When you can’t take your dog for a lengthy walk, here are five methods to keep him or her active:

Create Some Bubbles

A speedy and straightforward game for dogs that like the chase. Obtain a bottle of bubble solution designed for children, and then blow some bubbles for Fido to try to pop. You may even get bubble solution designed just for dogs; it comes in delectable flavours such as chicken and peanut butter and can be purchased online. Yummy.

Pay a Visit to a Dog Park 

If you live in an area that has a dog park that isn’t too far away, you can drive your dog over there and let them run free. They are able to interact with other dogs in the area in a setting that is secure and walled in, which allows you to rest. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to network with other dog owners in the community. Naturally, it will be important for your dog to get along well with the other pets.

Forage for Food

Instead of feeding your dog another uninteresting meal from a bowl, encourage her to harness her inner wild beast by sending her out to forage for her food. Take the appropriate amount of kibble for one meal. To add some variety to the mix, combine some shredded cheese with chunks of chicken, and then disperse the mixture around the yard or across the living room. 

To make things even more difficult for the player, place the food inside the puzzle toys and then hide the puzzle toys themselves. When you have to go out of the house and leave your dog alone for an extended period of time, this is an excellent method to keep her engaged.

Flirt Pole

It is, in essence, a dog toy that is attached to a rope. You will dangle it in front of your dog and encourage him to pursue it, while also allowing him to sometimes grab the toy. Dogs really like this activity, which is perfect for exercising them even if you don’t have a lot of area to work with. Even some dogs who aren’t interested in playing fetch find that they can’t say no to this game. There is something about the way a toy that is suspended on a string moves that fulfils a dog’s drive to pursue, kill, and destroy.

Swimming and Dock Jumping

Not all dogs are natural swimmers like the corgi puppy, but many breeds are well suited for activities that take place in water, such as swimming and dock jumping. Dogs basically play an underwater version of the game “fetch” called “dock diving,” in which they pursue a toy off the end of a dock in order to recover it. 

Playing this game is most enjoyable with a dog that is already enthusiastic about retrieving objects and is at ease while submerged in water. Even contests involving dock diving may be found. Even if that’s not really your thing, if you live near a body of water that’s not too rough, you can still take your dog swimming. Just be sure to take safety measures, particularly if you are unsure of your dog’s ability to swim. This is very important.

Other Ways to Exercise Your Dog at Home

If you run out of creative ways to exercise your dog with the things you already have at home, you may want to look into purchasing some dog exercise equipment. In addition, there are a lot of toys available for dogs to play with. When you can’t take your dog for a walk, here are some other ways to keep him active:

Mind Puzzles

Because of their high level of activity in response to mental stimulation, dogs enjoy the entertainment value of puzzle games designed just for them. Because the pet store has such a wide selection of dog puzzles and games, you’ll be able to pick up many different playthings and rotate them out at regular intervals.

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat distributing toys are not like traditional brain teasers and puzzles for dogs since they use the most effective kind of motivation: delectable treats. When your canine companion plays with one of these toys, it will often release a reward. If you notice that your dog enjoys playing with dispensers, you may want to look into purchasing a treat dispensing camera so you can throw him or her some delectable treats from a distance.


The treadmill is safe for dogs to use, and the best ones are the ones that are made for pets particularly. However, they do need some training; in the beginning, you should acclimate your dog to the dog treadmill while it is switched off. After that, you gradually begin to operate it. When exercising with your dog, you don’t need to keep them on a leash; instead, simply keep an eye on them and feed them goodies from the front of the treadmill.

Chew Toys

Playing with toys is an excellent method for burning off some of those extra calories. There are certain dogs who go absolutely bonkers for chew toys and bones; thus, acquiring your dog a new toy may provide them with enough activity for many days.

Take a Trip With Your Vehicle to One of the Other Indoor Locations

If you are quarantined for an illness, however, you will not be permitted to enter the home of another individual even if you are inside. In a different scenario, if your dog has pals who they prefer to hang out with in the park, you may either pay them a visit or invite them over to your house. This is an excellent way to socialize dogs and provide them the opportunity to interact with one another while playing.

Written by Martha Wil



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