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Dog playing on the beach in summer

ALL Dog owners NEED these!

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With summer upon us and the weather getting warmer it can be difficult to find a product suitable for your dog but still enjoyable in the hot weather. Here at HugglePets, we are going to list some of our best dog products suitable for all dogs in hot weather.

All dogs should enjoy the summer just as much as humans, but unlike humans, they can’t cool down as easily. The main and most important factor you should remember is water. And plenty of it.

We have a few options that you can choose from, find them below!

The Trixie Plastic Bottle and Bowl is perfect for on the road. Water dispenser ideal for walkers; simply unfold drinking bottle and open stopper then squeeze the amount of water required into the bowl.

Available in red or black.

From as little as £2.99!

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Dogs that are thirsty often gulp down their water. Drinking too fast can affect digestion and higher the risk of bloat.  To lower the chances of this can be difficult if your pooch is playing out in the sun.

The Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowls are a good way at starting to slow down your dogs drinking. Available in Pink, Blue and Black.

From £7.59 and available in store now!

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Keeping your dog inside can also prove a challenge when the sun is beaming outside.

The Trixie Flip Board Strategy Game is a fantastic design of doors and flips switches to keep your dog’s brain working. Treats are placed under the doors and switches where the dog has to find out how to get them out using their paws and noses.

The Trixie Flip Board Strategy Game is currently on sale at HugglePets!

Was £10.49, NOW £8.75!

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For any more dog toys, water bowls and more please visit our dog inventory here!